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Most MOBAs tend to have an area on the map called the jungle, where you can find odd creatures in their natural habitat. Kill them to accrue gold and purchase better items for your character to win the game.

In Impetuous, you take the role of one such creature, a kobold who miraculously survived an encounter with one of these god-like characters. With the rest of your crew being wiped out, you are now hellbent on getting revenge on the one who wronged you.

But in comparison to them, you are but an insect. It's time to venture out of your homely camp and begin a training montage that would make even Rocky himself jealous.

Impetuous is very much still an early version/prototype, with a few bugs in it, and the content so far is limited. I have ideas and plans on expanding the game, such as different enemies with abilities to make fighting them more interesting, being able to play as the other creatures you find in the world, as well as progression being far more expanded.

Feel free to give me feedback here in the comments, I appreciate any thoughts or critique that you can give me.


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I was very confused I what I was supposed to do when I got in the game. Just walk around and fight? Other than that, I really liked the enemies attack animations.

Hey, thanks for trying out my game! Right now the goal is really only to clear the enemies to gain gold and level up, so you can level up your abilities and buy better items from the shopkeeper.